I just came across (quite literally) a massive amount of pictures of one the first mature BBW porn stars I ever feel in lust with back in the days of buying porn on VHS tapes from seedy adult book shops. Her name is Jamie Monroe and I could not begin to count the number of times I jerked off to this big butt granny over the years. I never managed to find too many decent quality photos of her on the web… till today! I managed to download several sets of good quality pictures of her from the Big Older Women site. I couldn’t believe how many there were of her!

jamie monroe

cellulite thighs and butt

granny pussy spread

As you can see this grandma has a nice big soft ass. That was what I always loved about Jamie Monroe. Look at those cellulite riddled legs and thighs. And what about that big butt… Don’t they look soft as pillows?? I would let this old lady park that creamy white cottage cheese ass on my face any day of the week!

Liek I said there are tonnes more pictures of Jamie and her amazing ass at Big Older Women. They have a huge archive of large older ladies to see.

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