I spent a big portion of last summer visiting a few of the big nude beaches in France and Croatia. I tell you I have never seen so many old fat naked people in my life! So many fat nudist grannies walk around with it all hanging out. For me I struggled not to get a raging hardon as this seemingly endless parade of nude grandmas past me.

bbw nudism

I had two huge 60 plus year old women set up on the beach right in front of were I was sitting. I was treated to a real eyeful of their big saggy tits and fat wrinkled asses as they undressed and put on sunscreen. I had to lie on my stomach after a while to hide my erection haha!

old nudists

Since coming home I no longer get to see wonderful sights like this anymore. I have found a great website however that has links to hundreds of thousands of very high res photos of mature nudists like these. These candid style pictures are of old women and men of all shapes and sizes from nude beaches and nudism resorts from all over the world.

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