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I was at the supermarket the other day and this thirty something BBW was pushing her cart and she was definitely carrying a wide load by the way she was waddling. Her tight sweat pants hugged her enormous saddle bag hips. I snuck behind her and helped myself to a close view of her big fat ass as waddled around the snack food eilse.

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I could tell she was wearing lacy black panties as she had quite a VPL going. She stopped to get something of the shelf and I got the side profile view of her chubby body. Her soft belly was protruding and that ass was almost protruding into the next postcode!

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This MILF has one the widest asses I have ever seen. She has got that type of soft sloppy ass that is like cookie dough. I was pleased to learn she was gonna get a big black dick up that ass in this scene. Her black co-star gets this porky mom on her hands and knees and spreads those huge buttocks wide. He rubs his cock around her moist asshole and it quivers slightly anticipating the good hard anal fucking she is about to get.

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Check out the video clip of him riding her obese mature butt. There’s plenty of love handles to hold on to as he pounds her fat greasy asshole too.

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It was hard to know just which category to post this next lady in. She is very large and every thing about her is big. I decided to post her in the ‘fat asses‘ section because.. well she has a really fat ass, but so is the rest of her. The obese mature also has gigantic breasts and a flabby belly you could very easily get lost in and never be seen again!

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She starts out this pictorial dressed like a real slut. I can almost imagine this big nasty granny dressed like this at a seedy bar and letting any drunk swine fuck her fat cunt. I’m sure those massive breasts attract plenty of male attention too if they can look past her ugly face hah. Beer googles help I am sure!

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I was on a train the other day an large older lady got on in a tight and somewhat short skirt. I admired her big butt as she moved past me and sat directly across from me. She crossed her fat legs and I was getting hard just staring at those plump gams. I could see all the little cellulite dimples of her lower thighs as she sat there reading a book. I was saving this mental image in the old spank bank for a good wank when I got home haha! Little did I know what would follow.

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At some stage she looked up from her book and busted me staring intently at her beautiful fat legs. I smiled a little sheepishly and she gave me a brief wry smile back. She uncrossed her legs slowly and treated me to a peek of her panties and gave me a wink. When she got up to get off at the next stop she beckoned me to come with her. I followed her silently to the ladies toilets and ended up fucking this incredible woman right in one of the stalls. I was so fucking horny I didn’t care as I pounded that huge round ass.

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This fat ethnic mature kind of reminds me of this Bulgarian immigrant that an old employer of mine hired to do a few days temp work. It was just me and her working over a weekend and I had to instruct her. She spoke very little English which didn’t help. I didn’t mind losing my weekend though as she was nice and plump and I knew I was gonna get a good eyeful as I directed her. She had a short tight skirt and I made sure I had her in a position to perv on her fat legs.

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Turns out she was a horny old bitch too. When she cottoned on to my wandering eyes she hitched her skirt up over her flabby thighs and presented me with a view of her big hairy pussy. Her gut bulged over it slightly and she lifted it to afford me a better view.

I pulled my cock out and slipped it straight into that fat furry muff and fucked her face to face. She was an ugly woman but I kind of got off on that. I then turned her around bend her over the desk and slammed her fat ass from behind. Not much work got done that day!

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When I saw the thumbnail previews for this update from Mature NL I was really looking forward to seeing the full set. This fat blonde granny looked just my type. Soft, creamy skin, big round ass and a juicy pair of tits.

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On closer viewing it was then I realized that this big older woman bore a striking resemblance to one of the first grannies I ever had sex with. She was a real estate agent I met when I let out an apartment I owned. When I met her at the unit so she could inspect it I couldn’t take my eyes off her body. She was wearing a tight skirt and she had really thick thighs and a big ass. I let her up the stairs in front of me so I could get a good look. I was getting a quarter chub as I watched her big bottom just inches from my face.

I guided her into through the door by pressing lightly against her lower back. She didn’t seem to mind the contact and as we moved through the unit I did it again a bit lower feeling the soft squishy flesh of her ass. She looked me in the eye and smiled as said “wow you really my ass don’t you?” I went in for the kill and told her I wanted to make love to it!

I led her into the bedroom and pulled her skirt off like a savage and buried my face in her fat ass. I licked her asshole out and finger banged her chubby mature pussy. I was rock hard by this stage and bent the fat pudgy grandma over the bed and ploughed into her. I fucked her till I came and it was the best sex I had ever had. We hooked up again from time to time and I always looked forward to having that fleshy mature ass on the end of my cock.

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Wow I nearly came in my pants when I saw the huge butt on this thick mature. Despite having a massively fat bottom and legs she still manages to get more than her fair share of male attention when she goes to a bar. There are plenty of hot younger guys who want a piece of this grannies big creamy white ass. I don’t blame ‘em!

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Check out the pics of her encounter with one of the toy boys she managed to lure home after a few drinks. He is captivated by her body and yanks her black panties down and buries his face into her soft round bum.

He gets hard then slide his cock deep into her old pussy and fucks her silly. When he is ready to blow he pulls out of her flabby cunt and jerks off into her mouth.

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She’s got big breasts and a nice fat belly but it’s when I looked past her waist that I really got hard. Her thick meaty legs and that giant ass are the stuff of wet dreams! I have never been so envious watching the guy in the video pumping his dick into her as he fat cellulite ass smashed against him like waves as he humped her dogstyle.

He also got to have this super sized senior plant that big butt on his dick and ride him cowgirl style while those huge hanging breasts wobbled in his face. Before he cum though he pulls out of her and slapped his cock between those soft breasts fucked her boobs till he shoot his load across them and over her mouth.

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