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When I was a lad I used to love going to the school library and going through their big collection of National Geographic magazines. I’d get very aroused looking at the photos of all the nude or topless African tribeswomen. I loved their big sagging and hanging breasts. One day I got busted by the librarian and she knew just what I was doing haha. To this day I still love this kind of stuff and will watch any documentaries that show these naked tribes.

saggy breasts

topless tribal dance

tribewoman naked

I only recently learned of a site called Lost Tribes that has a massive collection of such images. These three pictures are from their site (albeit scaled down in size to show here). They have a vast archive of naked tribes men and women going about their lives and also their various rituals and celebrations. I especially like the images of their nude tribal dances that often involve body panting and various other body art.

If you like this kind of stuff I urge you to check out their site. If you join you get bonus access to their massive network of porn sites at no extra charge too.

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This sweet ebony mom put me in a good mood when I was looking through her photos. I like her smile and that lovely plump body. Watching her walk around in her see through white panties and bra didn’t leave too much to the imagination which was fine by me. I just wanted to sit back and look at all the jelly!

black saggies

black milf

When she took her bra off her large breasts flopped out. I am thinking she has breast fed more than one kid with those mature saggies. As much as I do like her black hangers it was that epic thick butt I couldn’t stop staring at.

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My God these photos were a nice sight to see today. A lovely big pear shaped black woman who goes by the apt name of Paradise is modeling some sexy lingerie and damn what a body this girl has got going on. Like I said she is pear which is my favorite type of BBW so the sight of her really thick thunder thighs and wide hips in that little baby doll teddy really does it for me.

fat woman in lingerie

When she turns around the view is even better. Her massive round buttocks bulge out of the thong like two over filled basketballs. That must be over 50 inches of juicy ebony rump right there!

huge bottom

These are just some of the pictures of this sexy pear BBW. To see more be sure to visit the Black Mama site.

I like going to Walmart because you can always find a lot of older black women with huge asses. My favorites are the ones that get around in lycra or spandex. I’ll get behind them as the waddle their fat asses around or better yet when they lean forward onto their carts as they move down the aisles. When I saw these pics of an old black woman with her jumbo ass packed into blue tights I had to investigate further.

big lycra butt

Take a look at a few preview shots of her bending that big rump over in her sweatpants before peeling them off to give as an unadulterated view of it along with her surprising petite pussy. I really got turned on by seeing her in that doggy position with nothing but her white socks on. Something about that really does it for big time!

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Wow this is my kind of older lady. Check out the pear shape of this African American amateur. That is one big juicy booty this mother of four has got following her. I wonder how many of the younger brothas in her hood try to tap this chocolate mommies big ass. I am sure plenty!

hot black mature

Nikki has got saggy tits too which I find sexy. My friend refers to these as “National Geographic titties”. When she strips down to just her thong and hits some poses it is clear she has a great figure and it is custom built to please men.

These are just a handful of her photos. You can find a whole lot more plus video at Black Mama. They are the big African American amateur specialists and have hundreds of real women like this. Hit up their site to learn more.

This sexy old black lady had my dick standing to attention from the get go. Lovely big tits and thick meaty ass were only partially hidden by her lingerie and I could wait to see her take that off too. I reckon this woman is around 50 years old but she still has that certain something that has all the young studs sniffing around. Case in point here she hooks with a handsome brotha her sons age.

chubby black mature

This guy has a big 11 inch dick and this big mom knows just how to put it to use. She takes his schlong in her experienced hand and gently sucks on it till she has him rock hard. She then puts it between her huge heaving breasts and jerks him off in her cleavage for a while.

She gets him into a 69 position next so she can deep throat that big brown sausage while he eats out her mature pussy. This guy makes a real pig of himself to eating out her ass and muff. Mmmm she must taste good.

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This 50 year old black woman may be a grandmother of three but she still has a wild side to her that girls half her age might find shocking. Like a lot of mature BBBWs she has got enormous tits and an ass the size of Texas and she enjoys it when notices younger guys sneaking a peek and believe me there are plenty of them too when this big momma jiggles down the street.

stripping off

She likes to show off too and when she got the chance to do a photo shoot with the Black Mama site she was all over it. We’ve got some previews for you in this free gallery. Watch her strip of her granny clothes and reveal the kinky underwear she is wearing before she unleashes her gigantic breasts and that huge booty. They even throw her a dildo and she goes to town on her old pussy for us. That’s my type of grandma!

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Damn! Check out the big wide ass on this ghetto momma! I’ve developed a bit of a kink for old fat black women after spending some time in Atlanta where there are plenty of them. I tell ya my first experience with one of these ghetto mommas was an experience I won’t soon forget. I met her while I was out shopping. She was struggling to get her all of her shopping in her car so I offered to take some and drop it off at her place. I’m pretty sure she was “mmmm this white boy wants to fuck me” and was cool with that.

ghetto momma

naked black woman

I followed her home and took her groceries inside after her. She asked me if I wanted a reward and she cupped her breasts revealing a mountain of ebony cleavage. I was like “fuck yeah I do!” as my cock started getting hard in my pants.

I fucked this fat old black woman long and hard on her cheap couch. She was a moaner and got really vocal as I pounded her chubby mature pussy over and over. I finished her off by riding her fat ass dog style and pulled out just in time to cum all over her big brown butt.

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